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Why Mobility is Important in Junior Golfers

What is Mobility?

The word “Mobility” is used a lot in the sports world, especially in golf but what is mobility and why is it important? 

I like to define mobility as the ability to move through a full range of motion in a strong, stable fashion. For example being able to perform a deep squat with no help and being able to stand up from the deep squat. Then what is the difference between mobility and flexibility? Flexibility is being able to stretch a muscle so it becomes longer, an example of being flexible is being able to do a split. Being flexible usually helps with being mobile but being mobile requires more control and strength!

Why is it Important?

So why is mobility important for junior golfers? For one, the golf swing requires a ton of mobility in the trunk, shoulders and hips! Being mobile also helps prevent injury and can help increase power output as well. Also, as you grow, your muscles will start to naturally get tighter, especially if you do not work on mobility at all. That is why you will see a lot of older adults who look stiff and are not able to move as well. So it is important to start a mobility routine while you are already loose! 

Where do you need mobility?

There are 3 important areas to have mobility in the golf swing which are the trunk, shoulders, and hips. Being mobile in these areas is important because it creates a greater range of motion, which allows more power to generate. Through research, we have found that the minimum range of motion a Junior golfer should have is 65 degrees of rotation to the left and right when rotating your trunk. 45 degrees of internal  rotation in the hips and at minimum 0 degrees external rotation in the shoulders. A lot of times we see that junior golfers who have less ranges of motion in these areas have lower clubhead speeds and see more injuries occur over the course of the season because they are forcing their bodies into positions they can’t handle. 

Increase your Mobility

So how do you increase mobility? There are 3 parts to increasing mobility. The first is to release the muscle, we like to use lacrosse balls, softballs and therecanes to loosen up the muscle. The second part is to increase range of motion, you can do this by performing movements through a full range of motion or using some assistance to show the muscle the full range of motion. The last part is to strengthen the muscle through its new range of motion. This allows the muscle to create strength through a full range of motion, therefore creating more control, which leads to increasing mobility!


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