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Why Do I Have Knee Pain When I Golf?

Are you someone that has knee pain with golf?

Can you walk 18 holes without knee pain?

Are you recovering from a knee injury/ surgery?

Commonality and Causes

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of movement, balance, and stability, However, as much as we love golf, it can also put a lot of stress on the knees which has the potential to lead to pain, discomfort, and even injury. The knee is a common area for golfers to experience pain, and even some studies report that up to 18% of all golf relate injuries are at the knee. Adult golfers are typically most of these golfers with knee pain.

There are several reasons why golfers experience knee pain. The most common ones that golfers think about is poor technique and the repetitive nature of the sport. But did you know that having lack of mobility in your ankles and hips can also cause increased stress on your knee? Did you know that having lack of strength can also increase your risk for knee pain?

How can lack of motion and strength cause knee pain while golfing?

Lack of Motion

When golfing, you take your body through a lot of repetitive motions, and that motion must occur somewhere. If you hip or ankle mobility is limited there is an increased demand placed on your knee to “make up for” that lack of motion. If you are asking your knee to “pick up the slack” from joints that are not moving well, you are asking for injury or pain.

Lack of Strength

Another major contributor to potential knee pain while golfing is lacking strength around the knee and in the lower body. When you take your body through the golf swing you are generating force to produce club head speed; if you lack the appropriate strength not only will you NOT produce speed, but you are asking your knee (and other joints) to absorb the force. The repeated force on joints can lead to wear and tear, pain, and potentially an injury that could stop you from golfing altogether.

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