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What Type of Golfer Are You?

At P4S Golf we see a wide variety of golfers. We see golfers that are losing distance and cannot compete anymore, they are losing to their buddies on the course, they have to move up a set of tees because they are not hitting the ball as far, and we see golfers that are in pain and want to get back onto the course. We have found that adult golfers tend to fall into 1 of 3 categories. In this blog we will talk about the types of golfers we see, what they need to improve, and then a way to determine what type of golfer you are.

"Ticking Time Bombs"

The first category of golfer typically comes to P4S Golf because they are in pain, they are stiff and sore, and/ or they are losing distance. This type of golfer tends to be 50 years or older. They tend to be a good golfer but have started to lose distance and not play as well as they use to. Their buddies are starting to beat them more often, and they don’t enjoy the game as much. Within this category of golfer, we have golfers that either have higher swing speed than their body can handle, or they have terrible mobility which is restricting their ability to make a proper golf swing. Golfers that have a high swing speed, but low power output is like driving a Ferrari with a Honda engine (no offense to Honda). If these golfers keep swinging at a higher level than their body can handle, they are asking to be injured. The best thing for this type of golfer to do is to work on their mobility and build up their strength and power to handle their speed with the club

"Balanced Golfer"

The second type of golfer we see at P4S Golf is the golfer that has been injured or is lacking distance and consistency. These golfers tend to be the “middle of the road” on skill level and scoring. They are not great, but they are not bad golfers. They may try to exercise a little, but nothing specific to golf performance. These golfers typically want to get faster swing speeds and play golfer longer and more often. They have a balance of speed and power, but it is not fast enough to hit the ball as far as they would like.

"Overpowered Golfer"

The third type of golfer we see at P4S Golf is the golfer that has “more RPM under the hood”. They have the Ferrari engine but in a Honda. Typically, these golfers are younger, and score great on their power numbers, but their swing speed is not as fast as it should be. These golfers are the ones that tend to be athletes. Overpowered golfers need to improve their swing inefficiencies to translate the power and speed that they do have into the swing speed they could have.


Spencer Cole

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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