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What Causes Golfer Wrist Pain & How to Fix It!


The first thing to think about is a hard divot or coming down hard on the ball and taking a “fatter shot” as it’s called. So just simply the impact in the ground can cause issues in the wrist and it can even lead up the arm into the elbow, to the shoulder, and more.

The second thing to consider is a concept called “casting”. Casting is bringing the club up and as you come down instead of leading with the thoracic spine and shoulders, you’re actually just throwing your elbows out there getting some elbow extension and some wrist deviation. Just that impact itself can cause some risk issues when you’re doing it on a repetitive basis like on the course. It can absolutely cause some wrist issues.

Picture example of casting

The third thing to consider is shoulder limitations. One of the things we look at, especially with any clients coming in that are talking about wrist issues, is external rotation in the shoulder. Having limited external rotation in the shoulder can actually lead down the chain and cause issues even into the elbow or the wrist.

Picture example of shoulder external rotation

The last thing to consider is actually the limited ability to utilize your hips. That can lead up the chain and cause issues all the way into the wrist. If we’re not able to utilize our hip rotation and our lower body, effectively and efficiently within the swing, issues can arise in the upper body as well. We have a great resource to help check your mobility levels. On the homepage of our website you can download our at-home assessment to see some mobility tests that will help you determine where you may be lacking.


The first step you need to do is figure out what is going on. One quick fix is just simply saying “hey, we have to change some things with the swing” if the swing is the consistent provocative move then that’s going to be the big thing to work on. For example, if I’m talking about hitting it hard into the ground or that casting motion or a combination then we have to fix that.

The second step is figuring out if it is a local issue to the wrist and the wrist is simply showing pain or is it something else that’s causing the wrist pain. You have to make sure that you treat the right area. You may be doing soft tissue mobilization work and getting nowhere or maybe only getting some temporary relief. That is likely because you are treating the wrong spot for your wrist pain. It may be shoulder mobility or hip mobility causing your wrist pain. Doing wrist soft tissue work for wrist pain might do nothing if the wrist pain is caused from elsewhere. That is why it is critical to determine the cause of the pain.

The third step may just be reaching out to professionals, like us. If you can’t figure out what the causes for your wrist pain are and everything you do doesn’t seem to help. It may be time to give us a call, we can find the issue for you and solve the problem. Please feel free to schedule a call with us if nothing you’ve tried has worked for you!

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