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Weight Loss and How it Relates to Club Head Speed

Two Defining Categories of Weight Loss

If you are considering losing weight and want to maintain club head speed here are some factors you need to consider. There are two defining categories of weight loss as it relates to club head speed. Body fat loss and general weight loss. You want to primarily lose fat if you want to maintain club head speed. Eating a nutritious diet with an adequate amount of protein is the best way to lose body fat while maintaining strength, because you are feeding the muscle the nutrients needed to keep it. Body fat loss in this manner may increase your swing speed if you were not fueling properly before. This could make walking the course easier and increase daily energy levels. Even if you check all the boxes correctly in your weight loss journey it will be hard to maintain your club head speed when losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.

Two proven rules to follow regarding body fat loss that help to preserve club head speed, strength, and power:

  1. Eat enough protein: The recommended amount of protein for an adult athlete is 1.2 – 2g per kg body weight each day (1).
  2. Take it slow: the slower that you lose weight the more likely you are to maintain strength (2). A good rule of thumb is not losing more than 1lb of body weight per week.

  If you are in a caloric deficit: eating less calories than you are burning without an adequate amount of protein you may be subject to lean body mass loss…  Which includes muscle mass. A loss of muscle mass will bring down your club head speed. 

A good way to keep track that you’re losing body fat instead of muscle mass is tracking your strength levels as you go along your fat loss journey. If you are losing strength in your workouts week after week you may have dieted too aggressively.


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