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Try Something Different: Nutrition

Good nutrition provides a strong foundation for performance training.

The new year is the perfect time to try something different. This year, we are challenging our members to try something different by participating in the Par4Success Cup. This 90 day challenge will encourage our members to focus on different areas to improve their overall fitness and wellness. Participants will also head out to the golf course for Ryder Cup style match play events. If you can’t join us in the gym, we will share these principles on the blog, our Facebook page, and Instagram so you can challenge yourself at home.

This is the point in the off season when many golfers have been working hard in the gym to build more muscle before beginning the more strength oriented phase of off season training. Zac Hales, one of our performance coaches, challenges the athletes to think differently about their training with his favorite nutrition analogy.

The body we are trying to build is like a house. To build a house, you need builders and bricks, and occasionally those builders like to get paid.  The bricks represent protein, the builders are carbs and fats are paychecks for the builders.

Without the bricks, the builders are just sitting around being lazy, doing nothing and collecting a paycheck. This is an example of how excess carbs without a use can become excess body fat.

Without the builders (carbs), the bricks (proteins) are useless and your house isn’t being built even though you are handing out paychecks (fats)!

Without the paycheck, the workers can’t do their job to lay the bricks we need to build the house.

Make sense?  Stay with me a little longer because the next question is probably “how much should I eat?”

There is NO clear cut answer that fits everyone, so I am simply going to provide a template for you to use.

0.6-1 grams per pound of bodyweight of protein is about the minimum we need to stay anabolic (in a muscle building state) and much more could be unnecessary.

After that, take the 123 rule into effect…

1 part fat

2 parts protein

3 parts carbs

So for a 120lb athlete, the daily intake would look like this:

80-120g Protein

40-60g Fat

160-240g of Carbs

Split that evenly across 3-6 meals every day and watch the gains roll in! Are you up for the challenge to try something different?


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