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Total Joint Replacement Recovery

Working with people who are in recovery from a total joint replacement is one of the more rewarding things we do at Par4Success.  We love helping our patients on their journey, especially after coming from a place of extreme pain and discomfort for months or even years leading up to their joint replacement surgery.

If you have had joint replacement surgery, you probably haven’t been able to do what you love to do for some time now.  We love helping people just like you you finally get back to doing what you love.  And, now that you have your new joint and the opportunity at a pain free life, that end goal is closer than ever.

No matter what your love is that you are looking to return to – golf, grandkids, gardening etc – we are excited to help you get there.  We take a unique approach, and we’d like to explain to you how we do that.

The basics of making sure you have pain free full range of motion and normal strength are obviously critical.  But once you have those basics, the next step is making sure you are walking and moving with normal functional movement… still nothing earth shattering, we know.

Then, we focus on the specific activities you want to get back to.  We design an exercise regiment specifically designed for those activities, and this is what makes us different from any other physical therapist’s office.

For example, if you golf but your friend gardens, your basic functional activities are very different.  If your golfing friend is seeing us, we will want to assess all of their rotational mobility and look at how they swing the golf club in 3D to make sure we are keeping as much stress off that new joint as necessary while assuring there aren’t any other areas of their body at risk for injury.  Then, we can talk about improving their distance and performance if that is a goal.

If you are a gardener, we will need to help you get down into the beds, shovel, rake, plant, and weed – among other things.  Your goal will likely be having the ability to garden as long as you want for a day or a number of hours in a row.  How do you build that stamina and make sure you can do what you love all day?  This is where we will help you design that specific program to help you reach your goal for total joint replacement recovery.

So as you can see, taking it to that next step is where we really believe we are different when we work with you after your total joint.  Just because the joint looks good and you can move it doesn’t mean you are back doing what you love – which is why you got the replacement in the first place.

We have never met someone who had a joint replaced because they only had 120 degrees of movement.  We have seen TONS of people who have had joints replaced because they needed 140 degrees of movement to garden pain free or swing a golf club, however.

You didn’t get a new joint just to move more.  You got a new joint and are going through all that rehab to get back to what you love to do… let us help you!

Give us a call at 919-377-2084 and we’d be happy to chat with you 1 on 1 to learn more about you, your goals and your story.  Look forward to helping you get back to what you love!

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