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Top 4 Questions to Ask BEFORE Scheduling Physical Therapy

This post is an excerpt from our Patient Protection Guide aimed at educating people in pain how to best help themselves. When you are not able to do what you want because of pain, there are hundreds of places to go and people to see to get better.

Having options is not the problem.

The problem is knowing which one is right for your needs and will get you back quickest.

Here are the Top 4 Questions to ask when you call a clinic to help you narrow down where you want to go…


1. Will I work with the same Therapist every visit or will I be passed around?


They can’t guarantee that you will see the same Therapist every visit.

Continuity of care is one of the most important aspects of efficient and effective treatment.  Having worked in clinics where patients are passed from one therapist to the next each visit, I can attest to the fact that instead of knowing what needs to be done from minute 1, it takes 10-15 minutes for the therapist to understand where you, the client, are and then go from there.

That is 15 minutes of valuable time wasted!!

In $$$, that means, on average, you just paid $60 for the new guy to figure out what to do with you instead of getting you better…and hopefully it is the same approach the last therapist took…no guarantee there either.

You work hard for your money, don’t waste it or your time just because this business model makes the clinic more money.

2. How many patients per day does a therapist see on an average day?


The average therapist sees more than 10 patients a day. This means they are double booking, using aides/assistants heavily and likely rely on volume to make their business work.

This also means that you probably didn’t like the answer to Question #1 because most clinics that force therapists to see more than 10 clients in a day ALSO pass patients around from one therapist to the next to maximize revenue.

You will become a number.

3. How much actual time per visit do I spend with my actual therapist, not an aide or an assistant?


They use aides and assistants to do the treatments and you don’t get more than 30 minutes 1 on 1 with your actual Therapist.

This again ties back into Question #1 and #2…you would not have likes those answers either!  hands on physical therapy

Sensing a trend??

On average, you will be paying over $200 per session in insurance clinics (~$100-$150 in Cash or out of network clinics), make it worth your money and work with the person that has the most education…not the one who has a HS diploma and went through an exercise education class the clinic held for them for 45 minutes when they started.

4. How much does it cost per visit?


If they can’t tell you how much your care is going to cost per visit before you arrive


They ask for your insurance or payment information before they ask about your situation, how you are doing and how it is affecting you (if they ever ask you about how you are doing they are better than average).

A clinic whose front desk staff cares more about getting your coverage and payment information instead of listening to what you need and have been through is a reflection of their culture.

That culture flows from the top down, including the therapist or professional who you would see.  You don’t want to be a dollar sign, you want to be you; a person in need of help to return to what they love.

If they can’t tell you how much it costs before you go you WILL be slammed with surprising fees.

For example, you will have your co-pay (which doesn’t count towards your deductible) PLUS the fee for the visit which you are 100% responsible for until you hit you deductible.   On average, that is $250 per visit!

The Takeaway

Don’t be played by the system and low standard of care that is rampant today.  Know the system and ask the right questions so that you get the care that you want and need.

You are a human.  You have wants and needs specific to you and what you are trying to overcome.  There are clinics that care about you and your needs around…you just have to ask the right questions to find them.

For more on the Physical Therapy services we offer here at Par4Success, please visit our Physical Therapy page.

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