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Top 3 Ways to Increase Golf Swing Speed as a Senior Golfer

Hitting the ball further off the tee is one of the most important parts of your golf game, and as you age, you may have found that your distances are getting shorter and shorter. However, over our years of experience here at Par4Success, we have found 3 major ways to drastically change both your golf game and your everyday life. Here, quickly, are the 3 main reasons we lose distance as we age, and what we can do to help you in your own backyard!


You may not think that nagging ache in your shoulder or the soreness you experience in your back is dropping your distance, but let us be the first to tell you that IT IS! Despite what many non-golfers think, the golf swing is an incredibly powerful and athletic movement.

It requires you to move in three different planes of motion repetitively, accurately, and with speed. BUT, if your body knows it’s about to experience pain, it is going to slam the breaks on any movement in those painful areas!

Think about pain like the governor on your golf cart – no matter how fast you want to go, that governor is going to stop you from going any faster, and your body will do the same to that painful shoulder or back when you go to swing.  We have TONS of techniques to help get rid of pain, and often see a significant increase in swing speed, and therefore distance, when we get rid of a painful body part or movement. One of the best ways to get rid of pain is to find the exact source and cause of that pain, which leads me to our next reason you are losing distance, which is:

Poor Mobility

Maybe you’ve never been able to touch your toes, or maybe you’re starting to have difficulty when reaching into the back seat of your car. Poor movement over time certainly can lead to pain, but for this section, it is more important to understand the effects that certain areas of your body can have on the golf swing.

At Par4Success, we have identified the 4 Major Rotary Centers of your body in the golf swing – your neck, shoulders, upper back, and hips. Without being able to achieve a standard of movement in each of these 4 Rotary Centers, we will either have to modify our swings, or be OK with less distance off the tee.

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The best golfers in the world have significant amounts of movement in these areas, and we are happy to say that there is no age at which we cannot make significant improvements in how these 4 Rotary Centers move! The key is to first know exactly what limitations you have, and then learn exactly how to address those. No two people have the same Rotary Profile, and each person will need a specific set of movements in order to play their best.

These Rotary Centers aren’t just important for golf! They can also have a lasting impact on how well you balance, and how you get around in your day to day activities. Fixing these Rotary Centers also doesn’t take a drastic amount of effort – 5-10 minutes each day of specific exercises can completely change your swing and your life.  Our Physical Therapists can have a huge impact extremely fast on helping you improve these centers with minimal time and effort investment!

Loss of Power

No, we’re not talking about the power lines being down from the snow storm!  As we age, our muscles grow weaker. That is, unless you do something about it!

Our muscles naturally lose strength, but we lose power at a much faster rate as we age.  This is hugely important to realize for golf. For example, your ability to jog a mile might have actually improved over the past year, especially if you have been on the treadmill or jogging around the country club. Compare that to how fast you can sprint at top speed, or how high you can jump. I bet those are not improving!

With what we’ve learned from years of working with golfers and other athletes, there is no age where it is too late to improve. And, the data we’ve been collecting for the past 3 years has shown us exactly what movements we need to be powerful at to positively impact our golf swing. With our latest techniques, our golfers have averaged 10 yards farther on their drives with just 3 months of training, and some have seen increases of 15 yards in as little as 6 weeks. This turns that hybrid into an iron approaching the green – who doesn’t want that?

The best part of all this is that we are bringing our groundbreaking techniques, which have been presented at the World Golf Fitness Summit in Orlando of this past year, right to Brier Creek! You may have seen a flier for our Swing Speed School, which we are bringing right here to your back yard. They include both a pre- and post-assessment to help improve your Mobility and get rid of any nagging Pain you have, as well as weekly classes designed specifically to continue improving your Mobility and increase your Power. If you want to learn more about the program that is guaranteed to get you feeling better and swinging faster before the 2019 season comes along, READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE

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