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This Is Why You Get Fatigued While Golfing

The fatigue you feel during a round can put a damper on your distance and consistency. The good news is, there is a lot that can be done to help us feel fresher throughout a round and keep our level of play high.

Why Do I Get Tired Early in a Round of Golf?

This largely comes down to two: Our level of muscular strength and cardiovascular

Strength is defined as the body’s capacity to withstand force or pressure. Strength is an important quality for golfers to possess because the stronger we are physically the better we can withstand the forces of swinging over and over again. When we lack the muscular strength to withstand the forces of our swing we often see golfers deal with more soreness, fatigue and a loss of distance as a result. When our muscles can better withstand these forces however, we tend to see less soreness and fatigue and less of a drop off in distance as the round goes on.

Our level of conditioning is our ability to withstand cardiovascular stress. This is important as golfers because as we play further into the round cardiovascular stress adds up and will cause fatigue. When our bodies are poorly conditioned to handle cardiovascular stress, it is not uncommon to see ourselves getting tired much earlier in the round than we’d like. When we are conditioned to handle greater cardiovascular stress, it takes our bodies longer to become tired and makes us better able to maintain our energy level, posture and swing speed over the round.

How To Be Less Fatigued

Improving these physical qualities is critical to perform to your potential so that we aren’t losing speed and consistency as the round goes on. These qualities can be best improved through a consistent regimen of movement and strength training. If you expose your body to greater stresses, it will adapt to those stresses and you will come out the other side better able to handle the unique challenges of golf.

We do this at P4S Golf through comprehensive personalized training programs designed to improve these qualities over time. With the help of our P4S Golf performance coaches, we’ve been able to help thousands of golfers improve their physical state and feel fresher out on the greens. If you’d like to know more about what we can do to help you feel less fatigue and play better book a complimentary call with us today!


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