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The Spectrum of Power Training in Golf

Last week we talked about power and speed training through jumping and sprinting exercises, and this week we’re continuing that discussion with medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells.

At the low end of the spectrum of intensity, we’ll try to use medicine balls and exercises that are lower impact (i.e. less jumping). Particularly when working with introductory athletes or with senior athletes who might have a bad knee or back, we try to avoid high impact and instead focus on triple extension while remaining on the ground. A few exercises we often use to do this are caveman throws and iron man throws, both exercises done with a medicine ball and neither of which requires leaving the ground. Cable machines are another low impact method we will often use for power training.  A step up in intensity would be moving to dumbbells and kettlebells. This is where we start working on the early olympic lifts.We can also start looking at doing jumps with dumbbells and kettlebells. Essentially, at this stage, we’ll start using weights to supplement other power training methods.
Finally, there are barbells. Simplest and safest with these would be a snatch or clean pull or a hang high pull, where the focus is more on generating force than on catching. At the top of the spectrum in terms of complexity would be a clean, a clean and jerk, or anything requiring the barbell to come over your head.

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