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The Importance of Plyometrics in Golf Performance

Are you a golfer that has been trying to improve in swing speed and power, but just can’t seem to garner any results. Have you tried to change up your training on the golf course as well as the gym? Well there’s something that may be missing from your routine and it’s not some fancy device or exercise. It may very well be plyometrics.

What are Plyometrics?

Plyometrics are exercises that involve repeated and rapid bouts of contractions that
come in the form of jumping or rebounding. Examples include box jumps, depth drops,
single leg hops, etc. The main goal of plyometrics is to increase the speed, power and
neuromuscular coordination of an athlete, by training their nervous system to react

How do Plyometrics Transfer to Performance.

When golfers increase in neuromuscular coordination, speed and power, it corresponds
with an increase in athletic performance on the course. This is due to the fact that a
golfer’s ability to generate force can directly impact their ability to swing a club
explosively. Said explosiveness is demonstrated with an increase in club head speed,
ball speed and distance when playing.

Main Takeaways

While swing speed and power is often sought after in all forms of golf performance
training, plyometrics are unfortunately underutilized just as often. Sometimes the
biggest improvement in golf related performance is found in the most basic of athletic
exercises, and may just fundamentally change you game entirely.


Trevor Nation

Golf Performance Coach

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