Best Way to Fix Wrist Pain in Golf

Wrist pain is a very common injury that we see in golfers, particularly in the winter or when it has been really wet and people are hitting off mats.   It’s endemic to many different groups of golfers. There are two general areas of the wrist that we find people complain about specifically. The first is […]

Range Practice is HURTING You – Do This Instead

Range practice is the biggest barrier to a golfer’s success.  Period.  The driving range is a place where quantity is king and quality is the court jester.  Repeated swing after swing in a blocked practice format breeds repetitive injuries and ends careers.  Minimal carry over onto the course from the range is what keeps handicaps […]

Fixing Wrist Pain in Golfers

(originally published on, July 2016) The wrist is an area that we commonly see golfers present with pain in, particularly when the frequency of play increases.  It is a relatively smaller joint compared to the other major ones in the body (shoulder, hips, knees, ankles) but a very important one, particularly in the game of […]

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