3 Ways to Fix Your Own Back Pain

Back pain is the most common injury and pain that we have in humans, period. So today we wanted to give you three simple ways that you can look at your pain and assess what may be the best way to fix it on your own. Symptom: Your pain does NOT shoot down your leg […]

Hip Pain: Navigating The Rehab Process

If you have hip pain, figuring out who to see to get your pain fixed can be a literal pain in your butt! The healthcare system is confusing and not set up for your or anyone else’s success. What follows is a simple step by step guide to get you back to doing what you […]

How Do You Know When To Get Surgery?

How to know when to have surgery is one of the most common and challenging questions that a Physical Therapy Clinic sees. Here in Raleigh and Cary, we see tons of active individuals who hurt themselves playing golf, tennis, running and any number of other activities at local parks and courses. The number one thing […]

Fix Your Shoulder Pain – Don’t Do This!

So, your shoulder hurts. It’s been hurting for quite some time now, and instead of just being a normal ache and pain, it’s starting to get in the way of your life. Maybe it’s causing a hitch in your golf swing and you aren’t hitting the ball as well. Or maybe you aren’t into sports […]

Top 3 Questions Total Joint Patients ARE NOT asking Physical Therapists

As the population in the United States ages and the amount of joint replacement surgeries increases, more and more people are working with physical therapists to get back to what they loved doing before their joint stopped them. According to recent numbers, there are over one million joint replacement surgeries performed per year in the […]

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