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Are Your Superstitions Helping or Hurting You?

When you think of “superstitions”, your first thought is probably about all the bad luck that comes with black cats or breaking mirrors.  You haven’t taken a tally to how many times you have seen a black cat and immediately experienced bad luck, but you typically choose not to dig too deep into it.  After all, you can’t change what you see, and you can’t really change your luck.  Superstitions are just something you might joke about.

Thinking critically, though, there is more to superstitions than first meets the mind.  And their implications can have profound effects on your health wellbeing.  The question is, would those superstitions be helping or hurting you?

Superstitions can spread much wider than cats named Midnight and mirror shards.  Take Tiger Woods, for example.  What color shirt does he always wear in Sunday tournaments?  Why do you think this is?  Surely the color red doesn’t affect his golf swing or the wind direction.  But should we be so quick to judge?  Maybe red is a positive color for Tiger, which puts his mindset in just the right place for a nice Sunday game.  Maybe after so many years of dressing like a cherry sundae, Tiger would just hate to break the habit.

So now we aren’t judging Tiger anymore.

But when might a superstition hurt you?

Well, as a fitness and wellness company, we think it’s important to talk about superstitions as they apply to taking leaps of faith or trying new things.  How many times have we had a new client say, “I’ve been thinking about joining Par4Success for so long now.  I guess I was just afraid!”  The first step is always the hardest, but no one should be afraid.  This would be an example where your superstition might be hurting you!

First of all, we give you options based on your individual needs.  If you need PT, you will have an initial appointment to craft your specific program.  If you need us for golf fitness, our classes are small in order to pay attention to each person one at a time.

We’re perfect for all levels – you don’t have to be afraid of being the youngest or oldest one in the class.  We have clients everywhere from 8 to 84.  While they certainly are not tackling the same goals, they are still setting and reaching their personal goals with the help of their instructors.

Worried about overexerting yourself?  No need.  Three times a year, we have something called “test week” where we track your progress.  This data helps tell us where you are and how you’ve improved.  It also tells us where we can help even more.

We will enhance your other training – in other words, we will help you reach your goals outside the gym.  Afraid of your stamina for an upcoming tournament?  Worried you won’t be able to push your grandkids in the stroller?  We are here to help – period.  We can work with your schedule and needs to show you how to incorporate all sorts of therapy and fitness training into your schedule.

The hardest part is taking the first step – but this could be hurting you.  Don’t be superstitious, walk into our center!  But make sure you avoid the sidewalk cracks…


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