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Stubborn Knee Pain in Golfers – My Top 3 Fixes

What is Knee Pain Stubborn?

One of the most common things we fix at Par4Success is stubborn knee pain in golfers. Whether people get hurt on the course and come see us, or they’ve worked with another healthcare provider for some time. Their knee pain just doesn’t seem to go away as easily as they think! After seeing a bunch of cases these past few months, I wanted to provide my “Top 3 Things” I wish every golfer knew when it comes to fixing their knee pain!

My Most Important Tip

Most people immediately go to foam rolling or massage to fix aches and pains. However, no one, and I mean no one, is doing it right! 

Rolling up and down a roller, or getting a massage, even a deep tissue massage, may feel great while it’s happening. However, this is not solving the tissue issue! In the videos below, you’ll notice a more “attack and stretch” approach, instead of simply rolling around on a foam roller or even a lacrosse ball. This variation is much more effective at fixing stubborn knee pain than any other method we recommend.

The ACTUAL Most Important Thing to Know

This is actually the most important thing to know, and that is that knee pain isn’t always simply knee pain. At Par4Success we’ve worked with people with knee pain that just won’t go away, and it magically disappears when we do this simple thing.

If you haven’t taken our Home Golf Fitness Assessment, I would recommend you do that immediately. If you have, and you fail the Hip Test, you are setting yourself up for something to go wrong! 

I always make this analogy when it comes to knee pain – a knee is like a door hinge. It really only goes backwards and forwards. Any side to side movement or rotation is not going to work well on that hinge. Our hips, however, should be super mobile and should easily move in all directions. The most important direction for our golf swing is called internal rotation, and if that movement is limited, then problems are going to arise.

We have improved knee pain countless times by taking pressure off of the knees and getting the hips to rotate further. Our Home Assessment is a great resource specifically to help you know exactly where you stand!

Top Stretch for Fixing Knee Pain

My favorite stretch for fixing knee pain might not even feel like a stretch for the knee, but it works. Similarly, most people with severe knee pain struggle to get into this position, and as we work towards getting this position, knee pain seems to melt away!

The stretch is called the Couch Stretch, and I love it because all you need is a couch and probably a pillow. The video below shows you precisely how to do it! Again, you will most likely not feel a big stretch in the knee itself, but it will help the pain, stiffness and tightness you’re feeling guaranteed.

If you can’t get into this position, there are a lot of ways to modify this movement. If for any reason this stretch is painful, take advantage of a free strategy call with our physical therapy team, or come in and see us!

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