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Stroke Wellness Classes at Par4Success

Here at Par4Success, we have begun stroke wellness classes for those who have experienced a stroke.  When an individual suffers a neurological event like a stroke, it is life changing in more ways than one.  Obviously there is the physical element that you can’t miss, but there is also the emotional and mental side of it that is challenging as well.  For this reason, we treat stroke recovery from a wellness standpoint.

In the early stages of rehab and through Physical Therapy, many things are outlined for you as you recover.  You are guided through where you are going and what you need to be doing to reach your goals. And then you get discharged…now what?

This is the one of the single biggest voids in our healthcare system to date, and we are attempting to fill the hole by offering post stroke wellness classes and services that help people who are living post stroke to continue to improve and strive to get better every day.

After your body has suffered a stroke, there are many areas that need to be addressed at you work to get back to your life before the stroke and there are many neurological techniques and tricks that your average trainer at the local gym just won’t know or understand.  When we work with people who have graduated rehab but are still looking to get better, we use the same medical grade neurological techniques that you can use in the rehab setting. Then, we progress them to levels that are challenging on the fitness and wellness levels.

As you continue to improve, your program progresses to make sure that you are always challenged and working on the various areas that need to be continually focused on.  These areas obviously include cardiovascular health, body composition, flexibility and strength, but also include balance training, coordination, perhaps additional gait training and falls prevention and so much more.

We believe that there is more often than not, more that needs to be and can be done when the insurance company says you’re good to go and stops paying.  Our hope is that you know that you are not alone and there is a program out there for you. You may be past rehab, but you are not past getting better. We love working with individuals who live every day to be better after their stroke and want to push their limits to get their life back or even do more than they were doing before.

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