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Stretching and Golf

Quotes from the research…

“Significant decreases in club head speed, distance, accuracy, and consistent ball contact were observed (immediately after stretching)…the static stretching warm-up treatment resulted in decreased driver performance in all dependent measures when compared with the active dynamic warm-up treatment.” Gergley, JC. Acute effects of Passive Stretching During Warmup on Driver Clubhead Speed, Distance, Accuracy and Consistent Ball Contact in Young Male Golfers. J Str Cond Res: May 2009, 863-867

What does this mean…

Most golfers get up to the first tee box and initiate a 5-10 minute stretching session immediately before teeing off. Recent research, including the one above, has shown that stretching immediately before a golf round negatively impacts driving distance. The research has several theories why this happens but it is generally agreed upon that active dynamic warm-ups are more effective.

What does this mean…

You should be doing a dynamic warm up prior to playing, such as the one we have put together for you…click to watch. Are you willing to put in 5 minutes for more yards and less pain? Click on the link to see the Par4Succes 5-minute warm-up!

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