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Should You Record Your Golf Swing and Training?

Why record your swing?

Recording your swing can provide several benefits to your golf game. For one, it can show you the pros and cons of your swing. There is a difference between what someone is telling you and you seeing it for yourself. We all learn in different ways. Some people are better at auditory learning while others are better at visual or even tactile learning.

Recording your swing can help you pinpoint some faults that you might be unaware of or you can identify what is going well too. Whether new to the sport or a veteran, it is a helpful tool.


Face-on View:

Set up your recording device on the opposite tee box (ideally around waist-high) where you are in the center of the frame.

Down-the-line View:

Set up your recording device behind you with the target down the line of sight (again, ideally around waist-high)

Why Record Your Strength Training?

Oftentimes during strength training, we can fall into bad habits without realizing it. What you feel during an exercise versus what you are actually doing is called internal versus external feedback. If you feel like you plateaued in your training, recording your exercises can reveal some technique flaws that you might not have been aware of. Having your camera set up during training can be a great way to assess yourself and ensure correct form.

Assessing yourself in your swing and in training is an important tool for golfers. It can reveal technique issues that you might be unaware of, but it also can tell you what you are doing well. We don’t always have a set of eyes watching us, so make sure you utilize this tool to keep you progressing in your golf game! The best way to assess yourself would be our FREE P4S Golf Performance Fitness Assessment. Try it now!


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