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Seeing the Transformation

The best thing about what we do is watching a novice athlete transform into an animal in the gym.  I’m not necessarily talking about gaining 50 pounds of muscle, but the mental attitude, the “want” factor that becomes more visible every time they come to train.  The fact is most of our athletes are very, very new to the gym setting.  It can be intimidating and overwhelming at times, especially when you’re surrounded by others who are ahead of you.  The thing to remember is the guys and gals who are ahead of you, were in your shoes once, and those behind you will catch up eventually.

Some walk in full of bravado and, for some, timid would be an understatement.  Training the first few times amongst your peers that you play with can be fun, and it can be daunting.  The gym levels the playing field.  Juniors that typically score better in tournaments are not necessarily ahead of those same peers in our gym.  This can be a big ego check (mostly for the older ones), and as a result, they stay hungry and continue to work hard, because they know their competition is doing so.  For those who find themselves finishing lower on the leaderboard, this setting can really help their confidence.  The success carries over, and once they start seeing the results, finishes start to improve. It snowballs from there.  It’s not uncommon for our juniors to be the ones taking initiative and scheduling themselves after a few months.

The change can happen slowly over time, or can require a “What are we doing here” conversation.  A common theme after a few weeks is “flying greens.”  A common theme after a few months is “now I need new clubs.”  Once this happens, they begin to set their own weight room goals. We know for sure they’re in it to win it, and our monthly “Tournament Winners” clipboard fills up with names  Our junior athletes track their own weights and even ask to do certain movements.  I’ve seen so many of my high school players go from once every three weeks to three times per week, once the switch flips.  Perhaps the most memorable was a candid video from a parent of a younger junior working out on their own at home

The successes are not limited to the juniors.  Our adult members have shown just as much dedication.  Their goals may be different, but the work ethic is just the same.  We have a very dedicated AM, Noon, and PM group that has shown us it is NEVER too late to get started.  We have adult members well over 60 that show up routinely with the same attitude and dedication of a 17-year-old who is working for a D1 scholarship, and it is awesome to see.

In short, this is less about us and more about you, our members who are constantly striving to excel on the course, the gym, the classroom and the boardroom.  Your dedication and pursuit of excellence challenge us to continue to improve in every way.  The better you get, the better we get.

Zac Hales
Golf Performance Coach


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