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Screw your feet to create power in the gym and off the tee

We’ll often say to “screw in your feet,” but just what does that mean? Take a squat as an example. In a weak knee position, your knees will come together and the outsides of your feet may come off the ground.

This puts a lot of stress on your body and isn’t a very efficient way to move. If you instead try to externally rotate your feet as you squat down, making sure to keep your great toe little toe and heel connected to the ground, as if you were turning a screw, your knees will separate rather than coming together, creating a much stronger posture and a much more stable hip.

This is important any time you’re doing a closed-chain lower-body exercise, such as a deadlift or as previously mentioned a squat, and even in the golf swing. When you screw your feet in properly, your big toe, little toe, and heel should all maintain contact with the ground for the duration of the movement. Additionally, you should feel the muscles in the arch of your foot engage. The same principle can also apply to the hands in certain exercises. For a push-up or a plank position, screwing in your hands creates a much stronger position than an internally rotated hand.

When your feet are screwed into the ground on the golf course, you are able to maximize your ground force and create optimal power. Try it the next time you step up to the ball!

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