Prior injury is the # 1 PREDICTOR of future injury

Reason why problem exists:

Traditional insurance based Physical Therapists are limited by:

  • Insurance companies limiting visits
  • Insurance companies not paying for return to sport services
  • Facility limitations ie. no large area for agilities, running, heavy weight lifting etc.
  • Not being able to be present for sport specific training because Insurance companies don’t pay for it
  • Lack of cutting edge technology being used because of poor reimbursement by insurance companies for it
  • Strength and conditioning limitations

Problem creates:

  • Doubt in the mind of the insurance based therapist that their patient is doing the correct work when they aren’t with them
  • Poor athlete compliance with return to sport training
  • Increased chances of recurring injury
  • Frustration for both the in-network Physical Therapist and Athlete

Our Solution

Assure athletes return to sport at or above their prior level of ability and physicality by:

  • Using cutting edge technology not available in traditional therapy clinics
  • Administering individual sport specific assessments for all athletes when they start
  • Developing sport specific, athlete specific, high level training programs
  • Coordinating with the referring therapist to assure continuity of care
  • Using ONLY Licensed Physical Therapists also certified in strength and conditioning to train our athletes


Do any of these sound familiar?  If so, you NEED Return to Sport Training!

“I ran out of PT visits at rehab before I was ready to get back on the court.  RTS was a great program for me to bridge the gap between therapy and my return to playing.”

“I wanted to play at a higher level than before I got hurt.  Rehab stopped my pain so insurance stopped paying before I got to work on higher level things.  I needed a little more work before I was ready to return to playing.”

“The doctor cleared me but I hadn’t even practiced cutting or jumping in PT because the rehab facility didn’t have the space…RTS has the space and more.”

“The biggest weight I lifted in rehab was a band or less than 20 lbs.  I had to return to the football field in 6 weeks and needed a place to get strong again before I played!”

RTS fills the gap between traditional rehab and the court, field and course