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Real College Golfers’ “I wish I had….” List

books and golf ballsWe have had so many great high school golfers go off to college, and they all say the same thing….”I wish I had…”

With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to list out the Top 10 things that we hear from our collegiate golfers and even post-collegiate golfers who are now playing professionally when they are discussing their college careers.

The following 10 point are actual comments we have heard from our players.

Here they are:

    1. I wish I had known what time management was and how to fit everything into my day.  (ie. Classes, Homework, Travel, Practice Workouts, Study Hall and Friends)
    2. I wish I had asked specifically how the coach determined who played at each match. Is qualifying 1 round, a series of rounds, or does coach just pick based on their own subjective opinion?
    3. I wish I had asked about how the team eats on the road.   I didn’t realize they only went to Bojangles!
    4. I wish I had been able to spend time with the girls/guys on the team before I went.  I don’t get along with any of them.
    5. I wish I had asked to see their workout program before I went.  I didn’t realize they do the baseball team workout.  I hurt my back doing that workout first semester and couldn’t play all second semester.
    6. I wish I had asked who would be doing my rehab if I got hurt.  How would I schedule appointments for treatment and what sort of qualifications do they have?
    7. I wish I had understood nutrition better before I went.  I had dessert every day in the dining hall and put on a ton of weight.  I also didn’t have any idea how to pack and plan for food/water on the course.  I didn’t realize how much of that my parents did for me and I felt like I was just eating anything I could find…more often than not it was candy from the clubhouse.
    8. I wish I knew what specific mobility needs I had when I went to college.  They don’t screen us for our specific needs, and we have had four different interns as our “strength coach” over the course of 2 semesters.  I am just doing whatever the guy in front of me does because I have no idea what I need to be doing.
    9. I wish I had picked the school that I want to based on the school, not the coach.  The coach that recruited me left after the first semester and the rest of the year was terrible.  I don’t like the school or the kids on the team.  I am going to transfer now.
    10. I wish I hadn’t gone there just because it was Division 1.  I wish I had gone to one of the other D2 or D3 schools where I would have played every tournament instead of only traveling once all year.

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