Our Research for the Public

Golfers are confused on how to gain speed and avoid injury.  This research reports helps cut through the noise of gurus and golf fitness to give you a clear, concise and science based perspective on how to best increase your speed, hurt less and play for decades to come

This research report outlines the results from our 6 week eccentric flywheel study.  Are bands and cable machine exercises helping or hurting your game?  Could you perhaps double your club speed gains by using flywheels instead of bands and cables?

Download it now to find out which type of exercise returns you DOUBLE on your swing speed gains based on this latest research!

This 20+ page report gives you: ideal type of training for maximal club speed based on age, top 3 tests that correlate to swing speed and normative values for club speed and these power tests based on age.  It includes our stats, takeaways, interpretations and applications for the most effective golf fitness and performance training to impact club head speed broken down by age groups and gender.

The data shows that the wrong kind of training can negatively impact clubhead speed by 50-60%!

Don’t be in the dark!