Schedule a Strategy Call

Finding a team to support you no matter where you are in the world pursuing your dream and career is tough.

As your performance team, we help you control almost everything that is controllable when it comes to performance.  We are not for everyone and everyone’s situation is different.

Costs, travel, experience etc all come into play.  Set up a discovery call to chat with us about your situation, your goals and we will figure out if we are a good fit.

We do have sponsorship deals available as well as financial aid when appropriate and earned.

How much does the program cost? Because no two situations are the same, there is no set cost.  Pricing is based on what you are looking for, your status, and how hard you are willing to work

What if I am on a low level Tour and haven’t made any money? This is when we will discuss our scholarship programs so you can get you what you need at an affordable price.  Supporting you and your dream is our goal.

Do you teach the swing? No, we do not teach the golf swing. We coordinate with swing coaches to make sure golfers are moving efficiently for an effective swing.

What if I don’t live near Raleigh? We work with players all over the world in many capacities.  Those who live internationally or out of town receive in-person training when they are in the area, utilizing our mobile app, text, and video when they are not.  This allows them program delivery, readiness and sleep tracking, nutrition monitoring, and many more performance indicators when the player is away from our physical facility.

How do I get involved? Contact us to learn more about our range of offerings. We have sponsorship opportunities, partnerships, and scholarships in addition to regular service fees.  No matter your situation, we will work with you professionally and financially.

What are my options to work with Par4Success if I am local to Raleigh? You can make Par4success your home as much as you’d like!  We have regular, supervised, elite level workout sessions where everyone works on their individual program while coaches and therapists supervise and guide.

Will you talk with my swing coach? Yes, we serve as a liaison between your body and your swing coach to create a comprehensive team around you. We figure out what your body can and cannot do, finding safe, efficient solutions to present your coach.

Are there any special considerations for women that I should know about with fitness? Yes, women’s hormonal changes call for ideal times for strength and power training and other times for mobility work.  We work with you to understand your personal rhythms, building your training in accordance.  This reduces your injury risk and ultimately improves your performance and career.

How does this work when I’m on the road? We communicate daily via text and use our app as your custom program’s delivery system.  We plan days for strength, power, mobility and/or recovery.  We also plan your nutrition and sleep routines.  Between your performance strategies and fitness program, you are set to succeed.