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Pre-Round Routine: Who Are You?

The early season has been great for Par4Success athletes as they have accounted for over 20 Top 10 finishes and over 10 individual medalist and tournament wins.  Even with all of this success, we need to continue improving.  On that note, I have seen some interesting trends in this young 2016 season at the events I’ve been to for our athletes.

Golfers seem to fall into four different categories when it comes to pre-round preparation.

The 10 Minute to Tee Timer

This is the person who shows up to check in 10-15 minutes before their tee time still tying their golf shoes and just barely makes it to the first tee with their group. Maybe they get a few putts in if the practice green is on the way.  

Comments this golfer makes:

“I’m usually good after 3-4 holes.”  
“Man, if it wasn’t for those first 3 holes, I would have had an amazing round.”

The Last Minute Adjuster

This is the golfer who you see on the range “working” before their tee time.  They might have a swing instructor there with them. They are pounding ball after ball and looking more frustrated and puzzled with each one they hit.  They are so focused on what is going on during the range session, they forget they are about to compete and need to score.  Needless to say, they tend to think a lot on the course instead of actually playing.

Comments this golfer makes:

“I don’t know what happened, I played great in the practice round.”

“Why did I shoot 10 strokes better in my practice round?”

The Junior Player

The player shows up well ahead of their tee time, the same amount of time every round actually.  They have a pre-round routine that is thought out, but they may have a few holes.  They will usually hit the putting green, work through their clubs and arrive at the first tee when they are supposed to.  Their physical or mental warm up may need work but they, at least, are ingraining the idea of a routine into their habits.  

Comments this golfer makes:

“Nutrition plan? What is that?”
“Hydration plan?  I drink Gatorade or water when I am thirsty.”
“Physical prep? I warm up with my short clubs, sometimes I try to touch my toes and stretch.”

The Intelligent Competitor

This is the golfer that does everything the junior player does, except they also have a routine physically, mentally and nutritionally, in addition to their technical warm up…and, most importantly, they understand each element’s importance to their success.  

Nutritionally they start hydrating at least 24 hours prior to tee time. They have packed and planned their on course snacks, as well as have eaten a solid meal 60-90 minutes prior to tee time, including a good balance of carbs, protein and fats to assure peak physical and mental performance.  

Physically, they know where they tend to be limited and make sure they address those areas with their pre-round mobility and neuromuscular activation work.  On the range, they dynamically warm up in all three planes of motion that are used in the golf swing prior to working through their technical progression of clubs and shots.  

They are intelligent with what they do pre-round and everything (mental, nutritional, physical, technical, tactical) has a purpose. Nothing is done if they don’t know how it will help their golf game.

So which golfer are you?  
Which golfer do you want to be?
What are you doing to set yourself apart from the Junior Player and be the Intelligent Competitor?  

Chris Finn

Founder, CEO

Chris Finn

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