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Pre-Round Routine for Golf

Pre-round routines can be a very confusing topic. It’s one of the harder topics for high level players to master, so you can only imagine how difficult it can be for amateur players. If you think about preparing for tests in school or meetings at work, preparation for any kind of performance is important and personal. 

The first thing to consider is wake up time the day of a golf event. You want to wake up as close to the time you ordinarily would as possible. Since golf events usually start early, this usually means you’ll want to make sure you wake up as late as possible while still giving yourself time to prepare. When determining this, it’s easiest to work backwards. Start from your tee time, then consider everything you need to get done before you arrive at the golf course. You may need to do any or all of the following between waking and arriving at the golf course:

  • Any at-course warmup
  • Drive to the course
  • Eat breakfast
  • Shower
  • Get dressed
  • Some form of regular morning wellness routine, such as meditation or a workout

You’ll need to add up the time it takes to do each of those activities you intend to do that morning before you play, then subtract that from your tee time to determine the absolute latest you could wake up to make your tee time. Of course, if your tee time is late in the day, you may not want to wake up at the absolute latest possible time, but if this is earlier than when you would ordinarily wake, make sure to set an alarm! Of course, once you know when you need to wake, that also determines when you need to go to sleep the previous night. Everyone needs slightly different amounts of sleep, but the average adult needs 8 hours of sleep, so make sure you go to sleep at least 8 hours before the latest possible wake time you calculated.

What if you have some extra time between preparing and leaving for the course? Well we would not recommend just sitting on the couch and watching TV. Either stay active or stay mentally engaged. Do some work, read a book, or take a walk. Staying sedentary and not engaged will lead you to be more tired and therefore not playing at your best.

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