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Post-Round Routine for Golf

Particularly in multi-day events, the day you wind down after a round can be very important. Most of the time, you’ve been playing a round for 5-6 hours in the heat and you might be a little dehydrated or hungry. So how do you recover from this to be at your best performance the next day? 

The absolute first thing you want to do is go get food and water. This will help provide the nutrients and electrolytes you need to recover optimally. Next is physical recovery. This could be something like foam rolling, or a very slow ride on a stationary bike – the point is to be moving and have your body active but in a gentle way.

Next we need to talk about your nighttime routine. The way you wind down for the evening and get to sleep has a huge impact on your performance. One of the worst things you can do is watch TV or use other lighted electronic devices within an hour beforehand of going to sleep. One of the best things you can do is have a very consistent bedtime. Our bodies get into natural rhythms based on our habits and when we are consistent, it becomes easier to get proper restful sleep. Some other things to consider doing before you go to bed in order to sleep your best are:

  • Take a warm shower
  • Cool the room down to 68 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Make the room as dark as possible
  • Read or do something else calming for 30 minutes

You need to make sure you plan around each of these things that you intend to do before your intended bed time. You may also want to prepare food or clothing for the next day, and that time needs to be considered as well.

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