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Hack 3 of 5: Pick Physical Therapy Focused on Your Outcomes, Not Their Bottom Line

To find the right clinic and beat pain more quickly, you need to speak with one of the providers at the physical therapy clinic.  If you are not able to, that’s your first sign to go somewhere else. But, if you are, these are the tough questions you need to ask to figure out the clinic’s values and how focused they will be on your outcomes vs their bottom line.

 1. Can you describe your approach to rehab?  Will the therapy be hands on or mostly exercise?

2. How are you conscious of my specific goals and how will my treatment plan reflect those goals?  i.e. do I want to play basketball or just walk at the mall?

 3. What is your experience with my specific condition?

 4. Will I be with the same therapist every time I attend? If so, how long will I get to spend with that Therapist, not the assistant or aide each time?

 5. Does the Physical Therapist just do my evaluation and then hand me off to a Physical Therapy Assistant?



They don’t do hands on therapy and/or don’t mention the importance of making sure that your tissue is healthy BEFORE throwing exercises at you.  You can’t build strength and health on poor tissue just as you can’t build a beautiful house on a bad foundation.

They don’t have experience helping people return to goals similar to yours either because of a facility limitation such as space, technology or equipment or their experience level.

They don’t have experience with your specific condition or don’t treat it regularly.

They don’t let you see the same provider each time.  In these cases, it becomes your first visit everytime you are there as the therapist as to learn everything about you all over again!  Certainly not a recipe for efficient success. On top of this, if you are with an aide or assistant for more than 10 minutes in a visit you should be demanding your money back!

They use Physical Therapists as evaluation machines (a profit maximizing strategy) and then pass you along to the assistants for treatment to carry out the plans.  You are receiving care from someone who has had 2 years of training vs 7!! To be fair, some assistants are amazing.  But they have less training, and this should be reflected in your rates.  Don’t settle for seeing a lesser skilled professional rather than the Therapist.  Your bill should reflect the quality of the service you are receiving.

At Par4Success we are the opposite of all of these.  We work with you 1-on-1, and you are always with the highest qualified professional for all 60 minutes of your session.  You pay less and receive a higher level of care…crazy right!?

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