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Amazing!! I visited Par4 Success last week after experiencing severe lower back pain. I mean really severe, like virtually making it impossible to walk. I feared pinched nerve or worse. Bobby Prengle, one of the Physical Therapists, identified the issue quickly, provided immediate relief and gave me some exercises to continue at home. Within several days of following his prescription the pain was gone. Now we’ll work on strengthening affected muscles so I can continue to play golf several times a week.

Mike Donoghue
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Joined Par4Success about 3 months back and have seen a lot of improvement with my back symptoms. Their Physical Therapy has been instrumental in identifying my trouble areas and root causes. Their dry needling technique is by far the best in releasing the trigger points and I appreciate them staying late when needed to address multiple issues. The small group classes are great for strength/mobility training and learning the right way to do the exercises. I highly recommend Par4Success to anyone, not just golfers.

Hap Atwal
Member & PT Client
Every Plan Is Based On What You Need - Not What Insurance Will Cover
The Initial Physical Therapy Evaluation Looks At...

Your Entire Athletic and Body Movement Pattern

Your Tissue Quality Around The Area of Concern

Your Physical Therapy Goals & Needs in an Individual and Specific Manner

Every Possible Muscle Referral Source

Your Mobility to Assure You Can Return Safely

Your Strength To Help You Build Resilience to Prevent Future Injury

Sport/Activity Specific Metrics To Evaluate Your Exact Status & Prognosis

After The Physical Therapy Evaluation, We Will Help You Determine The Most Efficient Plan For Your Recovery

Par4Success is outside the box physical therapy. Very unique and intuitive with long term health being the obvious vision/goal. I’ve had Parkinson’s Disease for over a dozen years and it’s been really tough but I don’t want/need self pity. I need someone to “kick me in the ass” and say you are capable of doing much more and we are going to help you. Refreshing!

John Adams
Injuries We Treat

Back/Neck Pain
Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist Pain
Hip/Knee Pain
Ankle/Foot Pain
Total Joint Replacements
All Orthopedic Surgeries
Golf Injuries
Sports Injuries
Return to Sport Training

Most Common Injuries We See

Back Spasms
Pain from Golf or Other Sports
Golfer's Elbow
Tennis Elbow
Meniscus Injury
Total Knee/Hip/Shoulder Replacement
Pain With Running
Rotator Cuff & Frozen Shoulder Injuries
Arthritic Pain in Shoulder/Hip/Knees
All Golf Injuries
And Many More...

I'm Ready To Live My Life Without Pain
I'm Ready To Live My Life Without Pain
chris finn par4success
You Get Back Faster With Par4Success

“While working in both hospital based and private outpatient clinics I was frustrated by the limited time I was able to spend with my patients due to the constraints forced upon them by the insurance company, leading to longer recovery times and higher client bills. We have vowed to do it differently.”  - Chris Finn, Founder