A Different Kind of Physical Therapy
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Value Based Care Gets You Back Faster

“While working in both hospital based and private outpatient clinics I was frustrated by the limited time I was able to spend with my patients due to the constraints forced upon them by the insurance company, leading to longer recovery times and higher client bills. We have vowed to do it differently.”  – Chris Finn, Founder

Are You Living Your Best Active Life?

FIx Your Own Pain Resources

Our mission at Par4Success is to empower you to help yourself out of pain.

We do that by placing a huge emphasis on making sure you understand your issues, how they came about, what is causing them and the difference between symptom and causation.

Please take advantage of these complimentary eBooks we have put together on some of the more common injuries that we see in clinic if you’d like to try to fix it yourself.

Customized Physical Therapy For You

Par4Success Physical Therapy approaches Physical Therapy in a truly individual specific manner.

Our approach starts with assessing your movement patterns and looking at the quality of the tissue and joints throughout your body.

We don't just look at the area of pain, we look at your entire body and treat your body as the complex integrated system that it is.

The first step is to make sure your tissue is healthy. From there we make sure you have the necessary mobility to do what you love and then we make sure you can control the entirety of that mobility.

As your tissue health and mobility improve, we also focus on true strength training to help you build the resilience to do what you love without getting hurt again.

Therabands and and exercises laying down are nice, but we need to train you back up to being successful in life and all that it brings at you!

Because we are not constrained by insurance, we integrate the latest technology and treatment techniques whenever appropriate to maximize recovery efficiency.

Complimentary Discovery Visit

Schedule a Complimentary Visit with one of our therapists.  We listen to your story and honestly assess if we are the right fit and can help you.  There is no charge.

If for some reason we are not a good fit for you, we will always refer you to the place that is.  You getting better quickly is our mission!

It is our standard and another way we are challenging the healthcare status quo.

Why Work With Us?

Over 90 Five Star Reviews on FaceBook and Google

Our Clients Avg 4-6 Visits to recovery compared to Industry Avg of 12-16

Our Team Has Over 50 Years of Experience

We Are Leaders in Researching Speed Development, Return to Sport and Increasing Longevity in Sport.

Two Time International Presenters and Published/Featured in Numerous Leading Media Outlets!

Guaranteed Results - If We Don't Help You, You Don't Pay

Multidisciplinary Approach to Monitor Your Progress

We Take Your Health and Your Interests Seriously - We Can't Wait To See You Reach Your Goals

What We Treat

We focus on helping active and motivated individuals with orthopedic injuries both surgical and non-surgical recover and return to doing what they love at a higher level than when they were injured.

Hover here to see the specific issues we work with daily

Injuries We Treat

Back/Neck Pain
Shoulder/Elbow Pain
Hip/Knee Pain
Ankle/Foot Pain
Total Joint Replacements
All Orthopedic Surgeries
Sports Injuries
Return to Sport Training