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Par4Success Junior Golf Scholarship

We are strong believers in growing the game of junior golf, but more importantly helping out athletes develop of well-rounded individuals who will be successful in life no matter what path they take.  

Each year we award a scholarship to a Junior golfer who embodies the Par4Success philosophy. We look for a Junior who is dedicated to the game golf, to becoming the best athlete possible and to improving themselves on and off the course as a person. In addition to supporting a Junior golfers endeavors toward success, the scholarship process is a learning opportunity for all who apply. This experience can help them learn how to present themselves to colleges and other scholarship committees as well as think on their feet during interviews and ask intelligent questions of the interviewer.
It was exciting to see the applications roll in this year and we had to resist the urge to read them immediately. Once the deadline passed, we scheduled a staff meeting to read through all the essays and applications. Then reality set in for us. All of these Juniors are amazing young people!! How would we choose just one? All the applications were returned to a folder so we could take a few days to think about it independently.

In life, not everyone can win; and so was the case here. Even though it was difficult, we had a job to do. We narrowed the field to a list of finalists who came in for a personal interview, a wonderful opportunity for us to learn more about the Juniors off the gym floor. Each applicant had a unique story and so many fantastic qualities. We were so proud of every Junior who put forth the effort to be part of this process from essay to interview.  As they move forward in life, they will often need to present their skills, accomplishments, and goals. These Juniors have so much to offer and we hopeful they took away some nugget of how to best present their talents and strengths!

As impressed as we were by all of the applicants, there could be only one scholarship awarded. Her essay really sums up why Erin Singleton was awarded this year’s scholarship.

Everyone always thought of me as skinny and weak. I started at Par4Sucess because I wanted to get stronger. Getting stronger meant my driver might be able to go farther than 100 yards. It took a lot of work to get stronger, and faster. But after three years of hard work, I no longer get comments about how skinny I am. Instead people say “Wow Erin, for as small as you are you have so much muscle.” I remember the day that Chris called me Erin Ant. He said “Erin you are like an ant, you are tiny but you are mighty.” It’s not difficult to see that I have transformed into tiny and mighty. I now have much more muscle than I had 3 years ago, and my legs are no longer sticks. However, it is also largely visible in my golf swing. Before I started working at Par4Succces I had around a 65 mile an hour swing speed, and my driver went a solid 100 yards. Today, I have over an 80 mile an hour swing speed, and am consistently driving it over 200 yards. In the beginning of my journey at Par4Succes I could not come close to keeping up with the distance of my competitors.  Today, I am keeping up with people who I never thought I would.  I believe I should be selected for this scholarship because I represent what par4success is all about. I have experienced the incredible transformation from a golfer into an athlete, and I will continue to work hard to achieve my goals in golf. Par4Success will help me be the best person and athlete I can be. I am no longer the underdog, I am not thin or weak, I am strong and mighty.

Erin Singleton
Cary Academy, Class of 2020

Founder, CEO

Chris Finn

P4S Golf
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