The Par4Success Virtual Program
  • Are You Losing Distance Off the Tee?
  • Are You Hurting More Than You're Playing?
  • Are Your Scores Wildly Inconsistent?
  • Do You Know You Can Be Better?
  • Do You Struggle To Know Exactly What To Do At The Gym?
We Totally Understand!
We Work With Hundreds of Golfers Just Like You
We Give You What You Need
The Most Comprehensive, Customized Golf Fitness Program Available

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Customized Nutrition Coaching

Customized Golf Performance Coaching

Cutting Edge Technology & Coaching
The Par4Success Virtual Program

This Is For You If...

  • You believe sports science based strategies will give you yards and years for life
  • You are looking to improve the right way, based on your specific needs
  • You want a coach to create a custom daily program specific to you
  • You think you will get better results by having a coach to talk to daily
  • You want a coach to keep you accountable
  • You believe you get what you pay for

This Is NOT For You If...

  • You are looking for more yards and years in a gimmicky stock 30-90 day program
  • You are looking for a band aid and quick fix
  • You think state of the art custom programming coaching will cost less than a round of golf
  • You’d rather spend money on new clubs than your health and longevity because that seems easier
Our Team
  • 50+ years of Experience

  • 80+ Five Star Reviews on Facebook and Google

  • Two Time Presenters at The World Golf Fitness Summit

  • Leading Researchers to Top 50 Golf Fitness Professionals

  • Added Over 10,000 Yards to Golfers’ Drives!

  • As seen on MyTPI, GolfWRX, Coach Glass Podcast, 18Strong, Golf Science Lab, Golf Smarter & More…

  • Guarantee Your Results or Your Money Back

Complete Remote Training Program

  • 100% Custom Program Delivered Daily via App
  • Monthly Golf Fitness Coaching Calls
  • Swing Speed and Mobility Specific Training
  • 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching for On Course and Off
  • Unlimited Text/Video Messaging with Coach on Technique etc
  • Coaching and Programming Specific for Jr Boys, Jr Girls, Women, Men and Seniors
  • Coordination with your Swing Instructor
  • Golf Fitness Educational Online Course
  • Premium Content Membership
  • Custom Pre/Post Round Routines
  • Custom Pre Round Warmup and Post Round Cool Down
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Rate is billed monthly.  30 Day Cancellation Anytime