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New Years Resolution 2016

As time passes, we, as former athletes look back on our illustrious careers and often utter the question “If I only knew then what I know now, how much better would I have been?”.  


Guilty as charged.

Looking back, what would I have done differently?  I would have done a ton of mobility.  I would have squatted, deadlifted, pressed, and learned how to do these big three movements with a neutral spine and pelvis.  I would have done single leg exercises for injury prevention so I wouldn’t have torn my ACL playing a pickup game of basketball in what was supposed to be my athletic prime.

Ahh, if only….but I can’t.  I can’t turn back time and prevent my injury which completely devastated me.  What I can do is become the best coach I possibly can and make sure all of my athletes are as prepared as possible.  I want to make them bullet proof so that none of them ever have to go through what I did.  

This is what drives me as a coach.  This is the reason I refuse to stop learning and will not accept that there is only one way to train for a sport.  If time has taught us anything, it’s that sport specific training is ever evolving.  If we as coaches resist the trend to grow and adapt, then we are ultimately failing our athletes and ourselves.

In an effort to best serve our athletes and clients, we as a team, have agreed to each pick a continuing education certification outside of our current areas of expertise, with the belief that the principles learned will have a direct impact on our coaching and directly benefit our athletes.

First on the list for me will be the USA Track and Field Level 1 certification this weekend.  As a former track and field athlete, this appealed to me the most.  All of our juniors have done some form of speed and acceleration training at some point in time.  During this certification process, I will learn more advanced techniques and progressions and apply them to an already stellar program to achieve the best results possible.

After returning from my weekend certification, I will share my findings and how their implementation will benefit our athletes at our first Educational Meeting of the year on Tuesday, January 12 at 6:30 p.m. Be sure not to miss it!
– Kris Rifenburg, Par4Success Performance Coach

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