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What Do Kids Call Exercise? Recess!

For the average child, making time to exercise in the traditional sense that most adults think about it, is not a priority. Long before a child worries about the brand they are wearing, what little Jane or John thinks, or even what college they will attend, they are thinking about when and where their next fun play date is going to be. At Par4Success, we give our junior athletes the best of both worlds when it comes to building a strong background in exercise, while also providing a fun atmosphere that looks and feels like fun to them. Checkout some of the favorite games and exercises we play with our juniors at Par4Success, and learn how the fun can be translated into increased performance on the golf course!

The Balance Game

At least once a week we allow our athletes to participate in the Balance Game. The Balance Game is simple and allows our juniors to compete against each other or even against some of our coaches. All that is needed is two small boxes about 12 inches in height and a medicine ball weighing between 4 and 8 pounds. To play, toss the ball back and forth between two individuals that are balancing on one foot. Throwing the medicine ball back and forth creates a challenge for the athlete to resist rotation both on the catch and throw, while maintaining a solid base on only one foot. If one person falls off the box then you can pick a simple penalty for the athlete such as 5 pushups, squats, situps, or something related to the focus movement for that day. 

balance game

Duck Walk

Sometimes you’ll see our athletes walking around imitating ducks during their workout! The Duck Walk is a simple exercise that requires no equipment but allows our junior athletes to work on their squat posture while moving dynamically. To perform a duck walk the athlete must first perform a squat with perfect form and hold it in the squatted position. Once in the squat position the athlete must walk forward while keeping their squat positioning solid. The ability to hold form while moving will later translate into a more solid foundation for the many variations of squats that we will use to help strengthen their lower body! (

duck walk

Row Race

Every kids likes to compete! At Par4Success we allow the kids to scratch some of their competitive itches by allowing them to compete against each other using exercises that will easily translate into other important moves and exercises we will utilize at Par4Success. The Concept 2 Rowing Machine is a great tool for training the Triple Extension movement that serves as the foundation for a myriad of exercises and athletic movements that we meticulously train at Par4Success. In this image, you will see two of our Junior athletes participating in a rowing race to 200 meters. When using the rowing machine the sequence of “Legs – Core – Arms” is essential to efficient and powerful rowing. While keeping an erect spinal column, the athlete must FIRST drive themselves backwards by pressing back with their feet. As their legs begin to reach full extension, the rower should begin to engage their core and lean back slightly before finishing the pull with their arms. The novice rower almost always tries to do too much, too soon with their arms when rowing as opposed to utilizing their lower body which should be the strongest part of the entire motion. Sound like any golfers you know? 

row race

Wall Ball

Another game that the juniors really clamor about at P4S is a traditional game of Wall Ball. The benefits of Wall Ball are not only rooted in carefree fun, but also important training aspects associated with hand eye coordination, lateral quickness, and reaction time as well. When training Juniors, adding elements from other sports in order to allow for maximal development both cognitively and physically is essential. Adding in these types of games and non-traditional exercises are a great way to keep kids engaged as they are able to develop functional skills while having a great during the workout.


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