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Your Junior will start with a full initial assessment which is in depth and completed via video in our app and live on video call.

They are assigned a coach who guides them through everything to assure optimal development and performance.

Our programs are always guaranteed to work so there is no risk.  If they put in the work, you will see results.

Does Virtual Training Actually Work?

The results have even surprised us!  Our mandate when we started training virtually was that the results online had to be the same as in person.  We would not be offering this if it did not live up to our in person standards.

Do I Need A Workout Buddy To Film Me?

No.  We have tutorial videos if you need help figuring out how to set up your phone balanced on a weight a bench or a wall.  It is easier than you’d think!

How Much Contact With My Coach Do I Actually Get?

As much as you want!  We require a formal video call every month and that you send at least 2 videos each week minimum via our app.  The more communication the better as this improves our ability to help you stay safe and progress fast.  This is one of the reasons why we limit enrollment.

How Do I Make Sure I Don’t Get Hurt?

Communication and regular videos are key here.  We have a rigorous intake process which requires videos for specific lifts before we will progress you in load and difficulty so that we can be sure to keep you safe.

How Do Your Results Virtually Compare To When Golfers Come In To Your Facility?

We see the same results with our virtual clients as we have documented in our research database of over 1000 golfers at this point.  10 yards gained and significant reduction of pain in the first 12 weeks is the average gains that we see.  Many golfers see even more than that.

Been with the online program for about 7 weeks; the app is easy to use, get quick replies to any questions/comments on exercises that I have through the app as well. In the short time so far, my mobility has improved and I have also identified my greatest weakness — and have set about a program to target that area (core/spinal stiffness). The short educational videos from Chris explain why all the different movements/exercises will help one’s overall fitness and golf game

Brian MacEwen
Virtual Member

My swing speed has increased and I am now able to hit the ball farther. I have a stronger core, much more flexibility, and feel great all thanks to Par4success

Richard Davis
Governors Club
Junior Golf Champion


Your Junior's Body Is Constantly Changing

You Want to Give Your Junior Every Advantage Possible

You know only 5% of Junior Golfers play in College

You are investing in lessons and clubs but feel like something is missing

College Coaches are asking about golf fitness, but you don't know what it is

You are not sure who to trust as your junior's golf performance coach

You are utilizing the most common method approach to train for college golf: spending thousands on lessons, equipment and tournaments.

This traditional approach is the EXACT reason many junior golfers end up injured and rarely realize their potential

Why? Because most parents and junior golfers overlook golf performance training in their quest to play college golf.

Don't Be Left Behind...Let Us Help Your Junior!

Why Work With Us?

Over 50 College Golf Scholarships Won

We Are THE Leading Researchers on Speed Development, Junior Golf Performance and Senior Golf Longevity

Our Juniors Add 20 Yards on Average

Our Team Has Over 50 Years of Experience

Two Time World Golf Fitness Summit Presenters and Published in Several of the Top Golf Media Outlets!

Over 80 Five Star Reviews on FaceBook and Google

Retesting 3x/year to Monitor Progress and Adjust Programming

Guaranteed Results

We Take Your Health and Your Game Seriously - We Can't Wait To See You Reach Your Goals