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Your Junior's Body Is Constantly Changing

You Want to Give Your Junior Every Advantage Possible

You know only 5% of Junior Golfers play in College

You are investing in lessons and clubs but feel like something is missing

College Coaches are asking about golf fitness, but you don't know what it is

You are not sure who to trust as your junior's golf performance coach

You are utilizing the most common method approach to train for college golf: spending thousands on lessons, equipment and tournaments.

This traditional approach is the EXACT reason many junior golfers end up injured and rarely realize their potential

Why? Because most parents and junior golfers overlook golf performance training in their quest to play college golf.

Don't Be Left Behind...Let Us Help Your Junior!

Is Your Junior Playing Their Best Golf?

Four Key Areas of Focus

Join Other Dedicated Junior Golfers To Play College Golf & Beyond
Junior Golf Performance Academy Includes...

Unlimited Classes - HRV Monitoring - Nutrition Coaching - Physical Therapy - Golf Massage - Monthly Education - Recruitment Assistance - Development Planning & More

Measure Recovery

Membership includes wearable technology that automatically tracks your body’s unique physiological state to determine your personal readiness to perform each day

Build Strain

Based on your Recovery, our technology recommends a daily exertion level so you can make optimal performance gains while reducing the risk of injury from overtraining

Monitor Sleep

Our technology tells you exactly how much sleep you need each night in order to reach your peak performance in the classroom, on the course and in the gym

Use the Same Technology as the Pros

Tour Pros Don't Guess and Neither Should You

HRV Allows Us To Customize Your Workouts and Schedule Unlike Any Other Facility

Your Numbers Tell You When To Push and When to Recover

Customized Golf Fitness Just For Juniors

Par4Success Physical Therapy and Golf Fitness Center approaches golf conditioning for Juniors in a truly sport specific manner with a Long Term Athletic Development foundation.

Our program is built entirely upon the principles of functional, multi-planar, multi-joint movements and our program is 100% research based.

Unlike exercise programs developed upon a bodybuilding format, or upon muscle isolation exercises, our programs for juniors are designed to assist them in their athletic development through speed and strength windows as well as times when maintaining coordination and movement competency are critical.

The Junior Golfer needs to focus on speed, power, stability, rotation, consistency and competency throughout their development with a focus on different elements at different times for maximal results.

Our Junior Performance Academy tracks, measures, trains and educates each junior on all of the facets of performance necessary to be successful in life and on the course. It is the most comprehensive Junior Program around.


You're Invited to Join Our Junior Golf Performance Academy
Juniors Receive...
Why Work With Us?

Over 50 College Golf Scholarships Won

We Are THE Leading Researchers on Speed Development, Junior Golf Performance and Senior Golf Longevity

Our Juniors Add 20 Yards on Average

Our Team Has Over 50 Years of Experience

Two Time World Golf Fitness Summit Presenters and Published in Several of the Top Golf Media Outlets!

Over 80 Five Star Reviews on FaceBook and Google

Multidisciplinary Approach to Monitor All Members' Progress

Retesting 3x/year to Monitor Progress and Adjust Programming

Guaranteed Results

We Take Your Health and Your Game Seriously - We Can't Wait To See You Reach Your Goals