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Is Golf Causing Pain in Your Neck?

Have you ever asked yourself, “why does my neck hurt after playing golf?” or “why does my neck ache at all?”; then keep reading this blog, as we talk about how we set ourselves up for neck pain and how the neck is affected by the golf swing.

Commonality and Causes

Neck pain during golf is a common issue among golfers, in fact is has been shown to be one of the most common sites of injury followed by the low back. If you are someone that sits at a desk or holds a phone up to your ear all day you may be negatively contributing to your neck pain. Our daily habits and prolong posture during the day can set us up for increased neck pain. We tend to sit for long periods of time and our shoulders begin to roll forward, our neck muscles and upper trapezius muscles (the area between your neck and shoulder) gets stiff and sore, and then because we are hurting, we tend to slouch in our seat having to lift our heads up to see the computer screen. Then we blame it on “oh I just carry my stress in my neck” Sound familiar?

Our neck is designed to move a certain amount, and that motion can be restricted from limited joint mobility or an increase in tension in the muscles around your neck. Ever wonder why it feels good to get your neck and shoulders massaged? What if that feeling could be there all the time?

During the golf swing the neck goes through rapid rotation to help keep your eyes on the ball you are about to hit. Having a slouched posture or leaning forward will put strain on your neck and can increase the stress on the joints and muscles around your neck which can lead to pain.

How to Treat Neck Pain

Neck pain during golf can be a frustrating and painful issue, but it can be prevented and treated with the proper care. By improving your posture during the day, strengthening weak muscles around your neck and shoulders to improve your posture, taking breaks from your prolong posture during the day can help improve pain and help you enjoy golf again.

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