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Ideal Golf Performance Optimization Components

When it comes to golf performance optimization, there are core elements that you really want to make sure to incorporate. The main components you should be seeing in your golf performance plan are mobility, activation, speed/power, strength, conditioning, and core. 

Mobility includes things like foam rolling, thoracic spine openers, and others. Sometimes it may be a combination of soft tissue work and joint mobilization. The goal is to get you access to as much of your full range of movement as possible.

Next, we want to make sure that this range of motion we have worked to improve is ready to move as efficiently as possible. This is called activation. A good example would be a single leg bridge for the glutes. You will want to activate the areas you will be targeting later on in the workout. This combined with mobility generally comprises the warmup portion of the golf performance plan.

We do speed and power training before strength training because it uses the energy system that exhausts first. If you did strength training before speed or power training, you would not get the results you could be getting from your speed or power training. Examples of speed and power work are medicine ball throws, dumbbell olympics, and barbell snatches. 

With strength we want to focus on a particular movement pattern, such as squatting, hingeing, pushing, or pulling. When you are new to a program, remember that more repetitions are better than more weight to start. Depending on where you are in your program, this may change. 

After strength work comes conditioning and metabolic work. This includes weight loss and body composition training. 

Core is the last step, and it belongs there because you don’t want to exhaust your core before doing any other type of work, as it’s important to almost every type of workout.

Having all of the correct components in your plan is important, but it is equally important to have to these components in the correct sequence to truly optimize your golf performance. Please take advantage of the resource available on this site for information about how to optimize your golf performance.

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