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How To Stop Shoulder Pain in Golfers

Do you have shoulder pain during the golf swing?

Have you been losing distance because your shoulder turn is limited?

Have you been trying to stretch your shoulder and they are still stiff?

Golfers often experience shoulder pain during their golf swing, which can significantly reduce their performance on the course, including driving distance. Shoulder pain in golfers can be caused by several factors, including limited shoulder rotation, lack of muscular strength, and even limited trunk rotation.

Limited Shoulder Rotation

One of the most common mobility restrictions that we see at P4S Golf is limited shoulder external rotation in the golf swing. This movement is important during the backswing, and golfers that do not have enough external rotation in the shoulder tend to be the golfers that swing “over the top” and cause that slice. How is you shoulder rotation?

Lack of Muscular Strength

You may be a golfer that does have enough rotation, well do you have enough strength around the shoulder to handle the demands of the golf swing. Golfers now are producing swing speeds >120 mph – do you think you have enough strength to handle that speed? Or say you are a golfer just starting off and you are taking a lot of big divots… chunks, when that club hits the ground and has a sudden reduction in speed, what muscle do you think are helping protect your arm? Are you performing the correct exercise to improve your strength to protect your shoulder.

Limited Trunk Rotation

Another area of the body that can affect the shoulder is the trunk. If you are not able to create a proper turn in the trunk during the golf swing, that does not allow the hands to get deeper in the swing and the chance for coming over the top is high. That over-the-top swing goes back to having insufficiency in the golf swing which can create increased stress on areas of the body including the shoulder. Have you looked at home much trunk rotation you have?

To prevent shoulder pain during the golf swing, golfers should focus on increasing their rotational mobility in the shoulder and increasing the amount of strength and power they have around the shoulder to protect it during the golf swing. If you want to see if your lack of shoulder or trunk mobility may be playing a factor in your pain than download our FREE at home P4S Golf Performance Assessment and prevent shoulder pain from stopping you on the course.


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