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How to Increase Golf Performance and Decrease Joint Pain

A lot of golfers have pain that tends to limit them in certain areas – mainly joints. This could be you experiencing knee pain or maybe some shoulder issues that don’t let you play at the level you want. While common thought is that one should stop all movement during this time, there’s a lot of new research out there on what we call isometrics, which can help you alleviate pain, and create stronger joints than you had before, elevating your performance to a new level. 

Isometric Training

Now you’re probably wondering what exactly an isometric is. An isometric is a positional hold where the range of motion and musculature do not change during a specific movement. By holding this specific position we are able to create specific strength for that movement pattern which can help translate into sports performance nicely. The more time you spend at a specific position in a movement, the stronger you will become. Isometric training has an additional benefit that is helpful for golfers. 

Long Duration Isometric

Long-duration isometric holds have been found to do a fantastic job of alleviating tendinopathy in individuals and decreasing joint-specific pain as well. By holding that position, we are able to increase the blood flow to the area and get new blood into the area. By promoting new blood flow, we are able to alleviate soreness, and also have that blood heal the tendon or ligament that is under high stress. By these long positional holds, we are also able to stiffen the tendon or ligament structure, which can beneficially impact our performance in those positions. 

What to do Next?

So how do you prescribe this into your program to reap the benefits? A good way is to start with a 1-minute hold in an exercise and progress as you can handle more stress. You can do this by holding the position for a minute straight or breaking it up into smaller sections of 30 seconds for example. Research shows that getting up to 3 minutes of holding in a specific position shows a lot of great benefits for tendinopathy and pain. Some good ones are a dead hang from a chin-up bar, an isometric banded row, a split squat, and a glute bridge! Always hold these in this most stretched position (split squat at the bottom, glute bridge at the top, row with elbows in, etc.). In summary, isometric training can increase your strength and reduce joint pain.

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