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How to Gain 10 Yards When Over 50 Years Old!

While it may seem like 10 yards will never happen and our distance is doomed as we age, I am here to tell you that this is far from the truth. While distances from our 20s may be much more unattainable, it does not mean that we can’t get close. What we need is a smarter approach because most athletes are much less active than they were in their 20s. Gone are the days of bicep curls and bench presses until our arms fall off. Gaining 10-20 yards, especially after 50 is relatively easy with the proper approach. In fact, most of our members see it in their first 12 weeks with us.


The reason is, the inactivity that has followed us since we stopped playing sports in college or high school will actually help us here because of a lack of physical condition. Think of the best pros on tour. They are jacked! Bryson Dechambeau and Rory Mcilroy look like they could be models in a men’s health magazine. Their physical condition allows them to perform feats most of us think are super human. The more we can move like our heroes off the course, the better chance we have at looking like our heroes on the course. Ensuring that our joints have optimal ranges of mobility is the first step. I can promise you that Bryson and Rory spend hours upon hours ensuring that their bodies remain pliable.

Next is the time in the weight room, stacking effective workouts to target weaknesses should be your focus. Example, you cannot do a push up but you can pick up 150lbs off the floor. Odds are that your time would be better spent training your upper body than your lower body. By constantly targeting our weaknesses, not only by reviewing lack of mobility in our swings and technical errors, but also by strengthening the motors behind the movement, we are able to constantly add distance to our members year over year. Being 50 plus tends to accelerate this process because most men 50+ have not seen a weight room since college. Even fewer have seen our rolling techniques with a lacrosse ball. When we add range of motion and strength back, not only will you be feeling like a million bucks, you will be constantly adding distance to your game.

Is there a limit on how fast you will be able to swing?

Short answer yes, long answer no..

Short answer:

The short answer is that a majority of folks will never see just how far they can take their swing speed. A culmination of life factors that cause us to have less than optimal movement and recovery will play a major impact in your ability to create speed.

Long answer:

Now for the fun part, the long answer. There are several factors that are contributing to the current club head speed records that are being broken. The first and easiest to take care of is having equipment that fits you, the proper driver head and shaft can make several MPH of difference in the speed at which the head will contact the ball. The second is going to be your mobility. Greater ranges of motion allow for a longer and safer runway for your club head speed to build. This is an area where many golfers are stuck. Our bodies are really good at trying to prevent any injury from occurring and will absolutely remove horsepower to do so. This major limiter comes down to ensuring that our soft tissue (tendons/ligaments) remain protected. The better aligned our joints are, the safer these tissues are, and the more speed our bodies will allow us to produce. Once this is taken care of the biggest component of speed should be addresses. POWER!!! Look at Martin Borgmeyer, he is capable of hitting 450 yard drives because he looks like a 70s bodybuilder and has the mobility of an elite ballerina. Not only is he putting out huge amounts of horsepower with his oversized engines but his body will allow him to because his mobility is so great. When looking at power production, the key factors are our nervous system and connective tissue. Strengthening the connective tissue prevents injuries. Improving the amount of activity from the nervous system allows us to activate more muscle fibers. The more active muscle fibers we have, the greater force we can impart. There has not been a limit found yet as far as swing speed because as we continually learn more about training and the biomechanics behind the swing, we will continue finding athletes that want to take it to that next level. Continue to improve your strength and mobility. Improve your focus on nutrition and sleep. Practice day in and day out. As long as these factors are optimized, there is not a limit to the speed you can create.

Need help?

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Garret Morris

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