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How to Fix Your Swing: New Golf Equipment vs Golf Mobility

Is New Golf Equipment Necessary?

Unfortunately, I get asked all the time whether someone needs new golf equipment or not.  Too often golfers are going out and spending thousands of dollars on their golf game in purchasing new golf equipment when it’s not completely necessary. Most often, equipment is not the problem.

So, think twice before you purchase a new flashy driver this year, I may just have a simple 10 minute fix that could save you from spending tons.

Consistency vs Distance with New Golf Equipment

At the end of the day, as golfers we’re all chasing two things consistency and distance.  Today, the question is what will give you the biggest return on your investments in your golf game. Distance or consistency? I’d like to think that as of recent, distance has a higher premium,

Does Distance Really Matter?

To sum up the future of golf in one word, I would simply just say “distance”.  Today, distance has a far more premium than consistency.  

In a recent study completed by the USGA and The R&A in 2019, amateur golfers with handicaps less than 6 averaged 239 yards off the tee.  Whereas, 21+ handicappers saw an average of 177 yards in driver distance.

So, not only are the world’s greatest (Bryson DeChambeau) showing us that driver distance matters, so are amateur golfers like you or myself.  

Connecting Ground Reaction Force to the Swing  

The golf swing is what is called a closed chain movement.  That means your feet are fixed to the ground and cannot, or should not move.  For example, running and jumping are considered open chain since your hands and feet are unsupported by the ground in a single moment of the movement.

Why is this important?  

Think of it this way.  One end of your chain is the head of the club.  The faster this end swings, the faster the ball will move upon contact.  The other end of your chain is your feet connected to the ground.  What happens on one end will directly impact what happens on the other.

How to Create Ground Reaction Forces 

Go back to our chain, on one end you have your feet connected to the ground, on the other you have the club of the head.  Anything in between can affect your golf swing.  By that I mean anything from your club itself your hands, wrist, arms, torso, hips, legs and feet.

To be able to produce a more efficient swing you need to be able to identify an inefficiency in your chain. Any kink in your chain will cause massive regression in your golf game.

No Need for New Golf Equipment

Let’s rule out the club first, because if that was really the problem your fitter or swing instructor should be directing you in the equipment category.  

Next, we can talk about any of the major rotary centers between the ground and the club head.  Your shoulders, neck, trunk and hips are either pivot or ball in socket joints.  That means they can all move in rotation.  If any one of these has a limitation or lack in free movement, this can cause an inefficiency in your swing.

At Par4Success we have a simple mobility assessment to check your rotary centers and see whether or not you’re losing distance in your swing due to lack of rotation.  Simply check the link below, take the free assessment as see if maybe your lack of mobility is causing inefficiencies in your swing!


So before you purchase some new equipment again this year in search of more distance. Check out your mobility first, see whether you need to become more efficient physically and then look for the equipment that’s right for you.

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