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How Squats Can Save Your Golf Swing!

Are you a golfer that struggles to produce power in your swing? Or maybe you find yourself unable to get past that pesky club head speed plateau. Then maybe it’s time to put down the speed stick and pick up a barbell because back squats might just be what your training routine is missing.

What is a Barbell Back Squat?

A barbell back squat is a compound resistance training movement that is characterized by a squatting motion, coupled with a barbell that is placed on the top portion of the trapezius. This movement is often a cornerstone of millions of athletic strength programs seen in weight rooms across the planet. While many other variations of squats can be applicable to an athlete’s overall physical performance within their sport, none have come close to the foundational impact of back squats.

How Can Squats Help?

Barbell squats allow for a multitude of physical performance benefits both inside and outside the weight room. While it’s not a movement that is often demonstrated practically on a golf course, the performance benefits are found in every swing. Back squats help strengthen the muscles of the core and legs, while also increasing the overall power output of the lower body.

How Does it Correlate to the Swing?

Golfers who struggle with a lack of power in their swing or have plateaued in club head speed can find benefits from implementing back squats within their training routine. Said incorporation of squats can lead to a subsequent increase in lower body strength and power. That growth in lower body performance can be translated into an increase in a golfer’s ground reaction force within the swing, which will directly impact the athlete’s ability to swing faster and with more power.

There are many types of training methods that can offer great performance benefits to a golfer’s swing speed and power. Sometimes, however, it’s less about fancy swing drills or speed sticks, and more about what can be accomplished through sheer fundamental lower-body strength training. If you would like to see how your fitness level compares to other golfers your age you NEED to try our FREE P4S Golf Performance Assessment 


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