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I’ve been very impressed by my program and the staff at Par4success. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, they take the time to explain and demonstrate the proper technique of what we’re about to perform. It’s a great group to workout with and work on your Golf swing, then take it to the course!

Richard Frechette

What a unique group of professionals! Par4Success helps you develop your body, learn to care for it, and improve your golf game. Anyone can benefit from their program. While it is golfer driven, it works for anyone AND it is fun and challenging. I really look forward to the workouts.

Ellen Ollet

Par 4 Success has been OUTSTANDING !!!. Chris helped me improve my game tremendously, making me stronger and more flexible. Chris is and an amazing trainer and a world class physical therapist. Par 4 Success is really an amazing place and I recommend them to all my golfing friends.

Michael Garabedian

Chris and his team have been an amazing resources for our golfing family. My daughter and I have had a first class experience since working with Par4Success. The Par4Success team has exceeded our expectation at every juncture. They are the best!

Clint Acrey

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Download Free Golf Mobility Assessment

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Download Free Golf Mobility Assessment