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Hack 5 of 5: Debunk the Top Myth of Physical Therapy

Here is the #1 statement we have heard over the years and the truth that actually exists.


“My doctor wants me to see his therapist so that’s who I have to see.”


You do NOT have to go to the therapist your doctor recommends!  In fact, it is AGAINST THE LAW for doctors to force you to see “their” therapists that work in their practice.


These setups are called Physician Owned Practice Settings or “POPS” for short.  Basically, the doctor is making money from your visit with them, and then because he/she owns part of the overall practice, they profit from you seeing their therapists in-house too.


Seem like a slight conflict of interest?  It often is.


To be fair, there are some POPS that are 100% ethical, offering the patient an unbiased opinion and recommendation.  Unfortunately, though, most are bottom-line focused.


University systems, hospital systems, and national chain Physical Therapy clinics (the ones popping up on every street corner like ice cream stores) are often called “puppy-mill” PT clinics because of the ridiculously high volume of patients they see.  Therapists will often see upwards of 18 patients a day in an 8 hour day!


Sometimes it may be what you need.  But more often than not, their first question is “name and insurance please”, not tell me a little about yourself.  There are alternatives.


Use this knowledge to arm yourself against a potentially dangerous situation.  You do not want to be thrown into a situation where you are just added revenue to the bottom line.

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