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Take Control or Lose It!

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to play the game of golf at the level they want for as long as they want on their own terms; this is our belief and a driving principle at Par4Success.
You spend hundreds of dollars each year (sometimes thousands) purchasing the newest equipment, playing in more tournaments and taking tons of lessons because “that is the key to being a better player.”

I challenge you to ask yourself this: what is the one the thing that allows you to take those lessons or swing those new clubs or play in all of those tournaments?

If your car’s engine breaks down, does your car all the sudden run better than ever before because you put 4 new tires on it? If your body is holding you back from being your best or being pain-free, does a lesson, new clubs or playing more address your problem?

Injury, burn out, pain with playing, lack of performance (distance, score etc) are all reasons why people tell me they are struggling with golf. The crazy thing to me is that all of these reasons are avoidable!

This off-season, stop being an observer of your game; TAKE CONTROL! Take a proactive approach and make a commitment to determining your own level of play, longevity, and enjoyment by addressing the one thing that plays the biggest role in your success; your body.

With the off-season fast approaching, now is the ideal time to evaluate your body and determine where you can improve and get stronger or more flexible to make sure next season is your best of many more to come!

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Chris Finn

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“We Give Golfers A Clear Path To Longevity In Golf – Low Scores, More Distance And Less Pain.”

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