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Golf Performance, Is Your Best Game Beyond You?

Measuring Success in Golf Performance

Golf is one of the easiest games to measure individual success through performance. Everyone who plays posts a score and that score can be used to measure success. Each time you play, your score will be able to tell you whether you’re making improvements or not.

Do you think you’ve shot your life time best?

I think most golfers would have a difficult time answering “yes” here. Why? Because almost all of us can say we’re guilty to “I could’ve statements”.

“I could’ve hit more greens.” “I could’ve made more putts down th stretch.” “I could’ve started off better.”

It’s those statements that make you look into your performance and really pick out the areas in which you think you could improve, and maybe better your all-time best. They make you looks so deep that you start to look at individual hole and strokes that you wish you could have back.

Golf Performance – Four Quadrants

Among any reflections after a round of golf, those “could’ve” statements can all be answered by one of four different areas related to performance. At the end of the day, you can lower your score by improving any of these four things

  1. Technique
  2. Mobility
  3. Strength and Power
  4. Equipment


Start out with this area, because it’s usually the most common for all of us. It’s also usually the most overthought of as well.

In being able to improve your technique, you’re going to allow you body to work most efficiently. You’ll be able to control your shot shape, hit the ball most consistent and maybe even pick up some distance.


There’s one area that needs to be addressed before you start to make major technical changes in your swing. Its mobility, and how well your body is able to actively move through a range of motion. The more limited you are in mobility, the less any technical changes are going to improve your golf game.

As long as your body is locked up in its movement, you are not going to be able to force it into specific rotational patterns such as the correct golf swing. So, before you assess your swing, make sure that your mobility is sufficient by taking our home assessment here.

Adult/Senior Home Golf Fitness Assessment

Strength and Power

A stronger and more powerful swing is going help increase distance as well as consistency. The stronger you can become the most control over movement you can engage in. Going hand in hand with mobility, strength and power is going to allow your proper swing to be most efficient.

I like to use the words strength and efficiency interchangeably. The strong you become, the less energy you require to produce specific movements and actions. The more you can preserve energy, the better you’re going to be playing down the stretch. Wasted energy is a nightmare for any golfer, especially if you’re playing competitively on back to back days.


Each year the major manufactures are finding new ways you make equipment push the limits. But, not always is purchasing the latest and greatest golf equipment the right thing to do.

You have to make sure that your equipment is fit right for you. you wouldn’t walk into the department store and grab a new shirt without checking size would you? Well, golf equipment is very similar in that you need to make sure that what you’re swinging is fit to bets maximize your technique and efficiency.

Golf Performance

So, at the end of the day when you reflect on you best golf performance and think about what “could’ve” happened. As yourself in which quadrant do you think making the right investments can help get you there so you can still shoot your life time best.

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