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Golf Fitness on the Go










Let’s face it, free time to incorporate a golf fitness program is something that many golfers just don’t have.


Juniors are bogged down with homework and practice.


Adults are overwhelmed with work and family obligations.


Seniors are busy trying to get all the playing in that they missed while they were working.


The Question: What is the smallest investment you can make with the largest return?


The Answer: Get yourself a program you can do on the go and in as little as 15 minutes a day.


Unfortunately, there are few golfers that we have met who have both the time and the resources near them to institute a great golf fitness program that fits their lifestyle.


What options does a golfer have that has minimal time and minimal resources?


Most of the golfers riding a desk all day (both at work and if in school) have strikingly similar limitations that develop as a result of your work and hamper your golf game and health.


  • You have difficulty rotating and getting the club into the correct positions.
  • You have difficulty creating separation and lack core strength.
  • You feel like you have more speed in you but can’t figure out how to consistently harness it.


With those three things in mind, we have put together two 15 minute workout plans that you can alternate between and do with minimal equipment no matter where you are in the world.


Within 2 weeks of implementing this, you will see one of the largest rates of improvement in your golf game ever.


Workout 1


  1. Foam Roll Thoracic Spine – 2 minutes
  2. Foam Roll Glutes – 3 minutes
  3. Hip Internal Rotation Stretch – 3 x 30 seconds each leg
  4. Twist and tilt – 3x each side
  5. Push up Planks – 2 x 10


Workout 2

  1. Self Myofascial to shoulder blades – 2 minutes
  2. Self Myofascial to chest – 2 minutes
  3. Shoulder ER stretch in doorway – 3 x 30 seconds each arm
  4. Lat Stretch in doorway 3 x 30 seconds each side
  5. Around the Worlds – 2 x 10

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