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Our Golf Fitness Assessment Diagnoses The Cause of Your Troubles

The Golf Fitness Assessment was designed using our experience helping over 10,000 golfers, just like you, gain 10+ yards in less than 10 weeks, play pain free golf, and achieve longevity in their game!

With the Golf Fitness Assessment you can expect to:

  • Run through four different mobility tests
  • Take less than 10 minutes of your time
  • Understand what areas you need to focus on to improve your game and wellbeing
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Review Your Results

Our golf fitness experts can help you interpret the results of your assessment to better understand what areas you need to focus on to improve your game.

Find Out Where You Stand

Using our database of over 10,000 golfers, our fitness experts can show you where you stand compared to other golfers your age.

Build A Plan

Work with one of our fitness experts to build a plan to help you gain distance, speed, and mobility while losing pain and points on your handicap.

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So far so good. The workouts and stretches make a lot of sense when it comes to strength and mobility for golf. Josh has been very helpful and quick to respond to my many questions. I can already see improvements in my range of motion after 2 weeks and I look forward to the next 7 or 8. Thanks everyone and I would definitely recommend to anyone especially if you are looking for that extra something

Andrew Bragagnolo

I am a new virtual client of Par4Success. I am impressed with the communication with Chis and Tyler. An extensive initial testing on an easy to use app allowed them to create a customized training plan to elevate my golf game. Can't wait to see the results over the coming months.

Jared Harris

I have not been able to play golf for close to 2 years because of lower back pain. Additional my flexibility has been greatly reduced over the last few years. After starting the program, I have seen great progress in a reduction of lower back pain as well as increased flexibility. I would highly recommend par4success for anyone with back issues and understanding the relationship of body flexibility and how it improves your back, golf swing, and your overall health

Wayne Gregory

Par4Success has been a superb addition to my off-season training program. The app is excellent as a place to view my workouts and to communicate with my trainer Tyler. Monthly face-to-face check-ins are great and helpful for a clarification of any questions I have on technique. I am getting stronger, and can’t wait to see how much my play improves this season!

Heather Smuin

Have been working with Par 4 Success for a couple of weeks now. Routines are very organized and easy to understand. The only thing you have to do is the work. Flexible and easy to do. Looking forward to great results.

Robert Mulligan

I can't say enough good things about Chris and his team! My high school-aged son has been working with Par4Success for several years and I have always appreciated the care and attention he and Tyler provide their junior golfers. When my son recently injured his knee just a week before a big charity tournament Chris went above and beyond to work with him to get him safely back on the links in time. I would definitely recommend Par4Success to anyone with a junior golfer looking to build a strong physical foundation to be safe and successful as they develop their game.

Sara Van Asch

Hip / Knee / Foot Pain

Wrist / Shoulder / Elbow Pain

Neck Pain

Back Pain