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Looking to Play Golf in High School or College? Here’s How to Get Noticed by Coaches!

As the summer months’ tournaments are winding down many of our junior girl golfers are looking forward to playing golf for their high school team.  With the start of school come many thoughts…


How do I make sure I make the High School golf season?


How do I make sure college golf coaches can follow my progress?


I haven’t heard from any college coaches, what should I do?


These are common questions that we hear on a daily basis and we thought it would be helpful to share the answers with you here.

College Golfers

If you are worried about making the High School golf team you will want to make sure you first and foremost are out practicing and playing on a regular schedule.


When it comes to playing golf, practicing intently on specific skills is integral to success. Especially, when it comes to your tryouts.  Examples would be not just going to the range to hit balls, but instead finding a target and using a different club every shot as you would during the round.  Try to hit a draw one shot and then a fade the next.  Work on the high flight and low flight.  Have a purpose with every shot and a target as well.


Another example would be instead of just going to putt around the green, focus on finding the zero break line and working on the skill of reading the greens by putting from each quadrant (i.e. left to right above the hole, right to left above the hole, left to right below the hole and right to left below the hole).


By practicing with a purpose you are making the most out of your time at the course and also practicing how you play.  This leads to the most important piece of advice…don’t ONLY be a range rat.  Make sure you are getting out on the course and playing.  Play multiple balls and try different shots.  Don’t be a different player on the range than on the course…you’ll be happy with the results.


If you haven’t heard from college coaches yet then you need to start contacting them NOW.  Start when you are a Freshman or Sophomore.  Start by sending them your “golf resume” with a schedule of your upcoming events and even videos of your swing.


If you don’t hear back that is OK.  Depending on the NCAA rules based on the time of year it is they may not be able to contact you back.  There is no rule to how much you can contact them, however.  Shoot them emails congratulating them on how their teams are doing and keep them up to date with your progress.  


Keep calling and emailing until they either answer or say no.  


A great resource for all things college recruiting is Brandi Jackson Golf.  Brandi is one of the best college recruitment resources around, especially for girls.  She has a ton of free content and resources that can be of huge value to you!


Now if you are that group that has already been talking to College coaches, your question is going to be how to keep them interested in you.


This may come as a shocker, but COLLEGE COACHES DO NOT CARE ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL GOLF.  You NEED to be playing other 2-3 day events.  


High school matches are often only 9 holes and the yardages vary so much that it is essentially comparing apples to oranges.  The skill talent pool in High School golf is also relatively sub par compared to 2 and 3 day events which make finishes less meaningful.


If you want to be noticed or continue to be noticed by college coaches, you need to be playing relevant tournaments.  In North Carolina, the Peggy Kirk Bell Tour is the premier girls-only tour that you NEED to be playing on as well as the bigger state events run by the Tarheel Youth Golf Association.

playing golf

So the takeaway is this….


High School golf is a great opportunity to play golf as part of a team and if you are concerned about making the team your practice and play needs to be with deliberate intent.


While High School golf does offer the opportunity to be a part of a team, College coaches don’t take these scores into consideration when recruiting.


You need to be playing on the PKB Tour, in the TYGA events or other similar tour events such as AJGA, hurricane tours, etc.  


Finally, you need to be diligent in contacting the coaches at the schools you want to play at.  Just because they are not responding doesn’t mean they don’t want you, it just may mean they are in a dead period and can’t respond.


If you have any specific questions reach out to us at info@ and if we can’t help you, we certainly will know who can!

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